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Pre-Primary school
Established in the name of - Mohammedi Urdu Balwadi

Pre-Primary Classroom This is the stage where kids endeavor to learn to accommodate themselves with others. They play and socialize while foundation of their minds with the sound articulation shift gears towards enhancement .Kipping in mind the process of linguistic development and psychological age we provide our preprimary students a variety of apparatus to play with, and gadgets to establish fair amount of physical development as well as linguistic perfection particularly that of pronunciation and reading accuracy.

  • Total No of students - 61
  • Boys-13
  • Girls-48
  • Available rooms-2

Requirement- 2 more rooms with objects or toys to enhance learning while they play.
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Primary school
Established in the name of - Mohammadi Urdu primary school

Our basic attention and focal point is our primary students, we believe that if at this stage a pupil is not taken care of then the lost of a mind and soul is evident. We have to provide each and every possible educational and learning experience to our students, so they can learn easily and enthusiastically.
Primary Classroom The structural development of cognitive domain must be on creative imagination and intelligent creativity, with the academic studies as directed by the syllabus of state government. We put stress on cultural social creative and artistic activities, the all round development of our students is our motif.

To achieve this motto we organize different competitions among the classes and houses. With music and folk-dance we arrange camps, picnics and social gatherings too, plus sports and specific time bound projects are assigned to the students with study materials and library facilities.

  • Total No of students - 465
  • Boys-154
  • Girls-311
  • Classes-7
  • Separate room for study.
  • Sponsorship required for needy students.
  • Require fund to provide monthly scholarships to deserving and talented students.

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Secondary school
Established in the name of - Mohammadi Urdu High school

Secondary school is threshold to the adolescence, at this stage of development an individual face and mind of student emerges out of magnitude and aspiration of social and economical milieu. We acknowledge that at this stage one need more care and notice than verbosity, lectures and dictations.

Secondary Classroom This is a period when mental equilibrium oscillates by the tiniest of the tiny event, aptitude and attitude of a student shape and shook at this stage. Here we go for analyzing capabilities of creative and intelligent faculties, thus we stress on provision for chances to promote them.

We have set especial productive and goal setting arrangements for our secondary classes. Creative, academic and athletic avenues have been given to students according to their energies and interest. We simply engage them in activities to put their interest forefront. Therefore, the result is eminent.

The students who are suffering from dyslexia and dyscalculia are given extra time and class attention to come over their short comes.

  • Total No of students -200
  • Girls-137
  • Boys-63


  • Fund to provide monthly scholarships to deserving and talented students.
  • E.T. laboratory

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