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Our Philosopher, Guide And Inspiration

Mr. T. N. Hasan is the founder of Mohammedwalla Educational Trust. He was bought up and born in Tarapur, Tal. Palghar Dis. Thane on the 11th of March 1934

T.N HASAN Mr. T. N. Hasan was from a very poor family with no one in the family having any educational background. In the year 1952, when he was at the age of 18 he decided to go to Bombay in search of job. This was the time when his family was going through very bad stage. After facing great difficulties and encountering them he managed to get a job in "Municipal Corporation of Greater Bombay" as a labourer. Due to lack of education he could not get a better job than that.

Mr. T. N. Hasan started his studies in the year 1958 at the age of 24 when he was working as a lobourer in "Municipal Corporation of Greater Bombay". Due to his hardwork and dedication he became a qualified Architect but this was not the end of his achievements. In the year 1972 at the age of 42 he finally became a qualified Engineer.

T.N HASAN The promotion from a labourer to an Asst. Engineer was not an easy task Mr. T. N. Hasan had gone through great difficulties in his career because of lack of education. He always wanted to help the poor section of the Muslim society and somehow helped them in getting education. While in service he was always planning on how to provide education to the poor and needy people.

" The difficulties he faced he wants no other student to face "

In the year 1984 he left Municipal corporation at the age of 50 and started his own practice as an Architect. This was his first stepping stone to help the needy people by providing education. In year 1984 he registered the Trust under Public Trust Act. 1950 known as "Mohammedwalla Trust".

The Trust is a public trust and the beneficiary of this trust is mainly the poor & needy Muslim and backward class students. The first trustee of the Mohammedwalla Trust is Mr Alhaj Najmul Hasan known as T.N. Hasan and her wife Mrs Mum Hajjan Zubeda Khatoon. Then In the year 1986 he started Mohammedi Urdu High School and upgrade it up to Junior College in the year 1999.

From the year 1984 and onwards he was recognized and rewarded for the changes and development he brought in the Muslim community. He improved the education system and started to impart basic education to girl students in Tarapur. The Zillah Parishad had Urdu Medium School which was having classes upto Std. VII only, this was the main concern as thereafter the Urdu medium students had no option but to switch over to Marathi or Gujarati medium school or drop out.

The idea of conducting the educational programe for excellence was put forth before the villagers,friends and colleagues but it was considered as a dream and nobody ever thought of it becoming a reality. Mr T.N. Hasan took all risks and overcomed all difficulties in his way but finally he successfully conducted an educational program at Tarapur.

In the year 1986, the trustee of Mohammedwalla Trust, Janab Alhaj Najmul Hasan Tarapurwalla and his wife Hajjan Zubeda Khatoon N. Hasan with their vision and dedication started Mohammedi Urdu High School in their own house. His courage and commitment fnaally paid results and he constructed the Mohammedi Urdu school and upgraded it to Junior College. At present there are 800 students taking free co-education in Mohammedi Urdu High School out of which 72% are girl's. It is a great achievement by Mr TN Hasan to provide proper education to the poor Muslim Community in the remote place like Tarapur.

By the grace of "ALLAH" and vision of the Mohammedwalla Trust, the S.S.C result had improved from 27% and succeeded to achieve 94% in 2004.

At present, the mothers who had graduated from this institute are now educating their childrens in tarapur with all the facilities & benefits avail to them in the educational field. These students are the future prospects of tarapur. Not only this, many educated mothers are presently employed & supporting their family as bread earner with their spouse. This is how the standard of living has improved in Tarapur specially in the Muslim Community because of the education facility given to them from Mohammedi Educational Trust.

To meet the demands of the people of Tarapur to have atleast one D.Ed. college in Urdu and in Marathi medium for the better future prospect of their childrens. This was the time when Mr T.N Hasan started planning to open a D.Ed college, even in the adverse situation he took constant pains and exerted hard from 1998 to 2003 to established D.Ed. college of education at Tarapur in Urdu Medium in 2003 & 2004. It was a historic record to start the D.Ed. college in Urdu medium in the field of education at Tarapur. The economically backward students were able to get educattion in their vicinity which helped them to improve their standard of living by earning in better ways.

This is an inspiration to all of us to give the lower class people more benefits & facilities in the education field. Mr T.N Hasan has now planned and designed a more dynamic Job earning education for the poor people of Tarapur.

He believes that his educational program will be able to set an excellent example of quality education to trainee teachers in a better way than other institutes. Being a technical personality he is now planning to start (ITI) technical course in all the technical faculties, specially the dynamic job oriented courses for the students of the vicinity. He has spent his entire life working for the community in the field of education especially for the poor and needy students. This was possible only due to his constant efforts & good wishes of the people.

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May God bless him & God bless all.

Well Wisher and thinker.
Advocate & Advisor
Mrs. Minaz N. Hasan
B.A.L.L.B. (Hon.)

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