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Brief History of the Organization


Tarapur is the village having 5000 Muslim population and due to rapid development of industrialization nearly 2000 ( specially Urdu speaking ) Muslims families have migrated to Tarapur from various parts of India for their livelihood. Overall the population nearing 20,000 is inclusive in Palghar taluka of Thane District in Maharashtra State. The Adjoining area of Tarapur has developed through rapid Industrialization but the need of education remain unnoticed .Sadly this industrialization did not serve the basic education to the poor and needy people, particularly to the economical backward and financially weaker section of muslim community including the other cast.

Village Tarapur is situated on the west side of Maharashtra State and close to the northern boundary of Gujarat State.. Tarapur is only 120 k.m away from Mumbai. Tarapur Atomic power Station, Bhabha Atomic Research Center and M.I.D.C Tarapur are.the three prestigious projects which are situated in Tarapur. But these project are far away from the Tarapur village. Mohemmedi Educational Complex is nearly 10 to 12 k.m away from these prestigious Industrial projects.

Now Tarapur is becoming Industrial town and rapidly improving in its on way . The non Muslim community in this vicinity are well educated, and are doing well in their Business, Services and Cultivating their own land to make their children live a happy life. On other side the poor Muslim people do not have piece of land to cultivate nor have any business neither are well educated to obtain employment.. Most of them are from labour class who are living below the poverty line. They are unable to make any arrangement to send their children for primary nor for higher educations. The Muslim students in this localilty have great enthusiasm and interest in studing. They need help, to educate themselves not only in religious but also in academic and in technical (job oriented) fields.

Mohammedwalla Trust was established in the year 1984. this trust is registered under no.e/728 thane 16-10-1984 of maharashtra public trust act 1952. This trust is a public trust and the beneficiary of this are mainly the poor muslim and other backward class student. Before the establishment of this trust it was functioning as a Mohammedwalla Association's Book Bank. The main (intention ) object of this Association was to provide free school text books, exercise notebooks, free school uniforms and pay tuitions fees of the poor needy and economically backward Muslim and other backward class students. Also the trust stated assisting Arabic madressa known as HIBs classes for Muslims in the near vicinity. The trust also conducts social, religious and cultural activities.

The Zillah parishad had Urdu Medium School at Tarapur having classes up to std. VII only. The Urdu Medium students had no option but to switch over to Marathi or Gujarati medium school or forget about higher education.After couple of years Mohammedwalla Trust realized the need of higher education in such remote area. In the 1986 the trust took up the responsibility of upgrading the Zillah parishads Urdu Medium primary Education Mohammedi Urdu High School at Tarapur.

In the year 1986, the Mohammedwalla Trust of Janab Alhaj Najmul Hasan Tarpaurwalla and his wife Hajjan Zubeda Khatoon N. Hasan started Mohammedi Urdu High School from Std. VIII to Std. X in their own house having nearly five rooms i.e, class room for Std.VIII, IX and X. It also had a science room, office, toilets block and a small play ground in their compound. There were nearly 80 boys and girls taking co-education in the Urdu Medium school.

In the year 1989 the first batch of 18 student appeared for S. S. C. Examination and the result was only 27%. To improve the educational status the Trust accepted another challenge to start the primary education from K.G. to Std.VII in Urdu medium in the same premises in two shifts (morning and afternoon shift). At present there are 800 students taking free education in this high School, of which 72% are girls. It is a great achievement to provide education for the Muslim community in the remote place like Tarapur.

The trust took some major steps in order to improve the performance of S.S.C results. Free coaching classes were conducted in the school two hours prior to school hours and after the closing of school as per the convenience of the students without any further charges.

By the grace of "ALLAH" and effort of Mohammedwalla Trust every year the S.S.C result is improving from 27% in 1989 to 84% in 1998/99 to 94% in the year 2004. In the year 2004 of our student (girl) obtained distinction by scoring 77% and two students passed with first class % and remaining in second class respectively.

Now this year the S.S.C result is reached up to 95%.

The State of Maharashtra has no provision for even a single Junior college or Teachers Training college (D.ED) in Medium Urdu from Mahim (MUMBAI) to the Border of State of Gujrat. This was the main cause that students speically girls were not going for further education after passing their SSC exams.

By the grace of "ALLAH" after achieving such good results in SSC exams the Govt.of Maharashtra gave permission to Mohemmedi Education Trust to start The Junior College from June 1999 for the Muslims and other minority community on un-aided basis. The Mohammedwalla Trust started Mohammedi Urdu Junior College at Tarapur in English, Urdu and Marathi Medium from (Educational) the academic year 1999.

By the grace of "ALLAH" in the year 2000-2002 the Std XII on a average scored 54% in Mumbai Higher Secondary Examination Board of Mumbai Division. The Trust has also started free basic Computer Training courses from Std. V to Std. XII onwards from 15th August 2000. To recover the expenses of maintenance of computer machinery and to pay the remuneration to computer instructor, the Trust has planned to run Computer Institute commercially in morning and evening shift before and after school time.

The trust has also obtained the following N.O.C (No Obejection Certificate) from

  • Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Examinations to start with the Certificate Course in Information Technology from 14th August 2000.
  • The Govt. of Maharashtra to start Diploma in Education (D.Ed.) from 2003.
  • University of Mumbai to start Bachelor in Education (B.Ed.) course from 2003.
  • Govt. of Maharashtra / WSCRT & NCTE Bhopal permission to start D.Ed. College from 2003 June.

There are 50 students in first year and second year taking co-education to achieve Diploma in Education (D.Ed.) form 2003-2004. The result of First Year D. Ed. Course is declared 100% by Examination board of Teacher training course Pune 2005.

The Trust has also started C.C.I.T type course conducted by A. Rehman Mohammedi Computer

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