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Future Plans Of Mohammedi Educational Complex

  • Marathi Medium D. Ed. College
  • As we had prepared our infrastructure to our Urdu medium D. Ed. college we have done with our soon to start Marathi D. Ed college. Since our aim is social advancement and development of our trible zone, it will be extremely unfair if we do not cater the fundamental need of our Marathi medium local students.

    Since we announce about it we have got considerable support from our majority brethrens. They are overwhelmingly happy to assist us whatever we need. It must be a step to fill up the fissures between the unhappy divide of communities and to bring them closer to their heart. The cultural harmony can only be achieved through a mutual dialogue and our Marathi medium D. Ed. is the first smile towards the conversation of future pacific.

    The preparation has been already done for Marathi D.Ed.College.
    Kindly click here for see the images of Marathi Medium D.E.d College.

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    Staff Profile Of Marathi Medium D. Ed. College

  • B. Ed. Marathi / English
  • B. Ed. College is surmounting on the management's agenda for the next year. The analytical study is on the table to come with a specific period and data of requirements to fulfill the criteria of B. Ed. As soon as the decisions will be taken on this project you will be up-graded.

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  • Technical courses centre
  • Needy students need job oriented courses. This is the plan on which management working seriously to develop a technical course center. It is evident that one needs greater resources to facilitate the apparatus and devices for training purpose.

    Trust need a lot of support from the corners of the nation to establish this project which will scrub the zonal unemployment and bring prosperity to many meager families.

  • Scientific Islamic Study centre
  • This project is something unthought-of even elsewhere before. Management is already engage with different computer programmers to create software which will play the role of a teacher, in memorizing the text of Quran. The centre will facilitate courses in "Hifz-e-Quran" with the assistance of computer, plus Hafiz will be given training into computer software and applications. A Hafiz during his studies can also apply for a technical course according to his abilities and previous learning potentiality. That will enable him to stand on his own feet before he completes his Hifz-e-Quran. Thus, he will earn his bread and butter facing challenges of time.

    This project will change the damage image of a Hafiz into a techno-savvy and moderate citizen rather than stereotype maulana. To make this dream of Umma come true Trust need full support from each one of us.

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  • Principal - in charge

  • Rehman Abbas Sir

    Mr. Rahman Abbas is a 33 years young Urdu fiction writer. He holds with required degree of education, Master degree in Urdu literature and English literature from Bombay University. He was placed second in the merit list of Master degree in Maharashtra in the year 1996 and was also awarded by "Maharashtra State Urdu Academy". Presently he is working on his English novel.

  • Creative Profile:
    • Critical essays, short stories and Interviews of prominent writers has been published in the leading literary Magzines such as Shabkhoon, Naya Waraq, Shair, Tarsil, Urdu Channel etc.
    • Have interviewed some poets and writers for All India Radio.
    • Recently he has interviewed prominent figures in contemporary Indian Urdu literature such as Yusuf Nazim,Javid Akhatar, Javid Siddique, Nida Fazali, Salam-bin-Razzak, Hasan Kamal, Salma Siddique and others for Urdu T.V channel of Durdarshan, New Delhi.
    • Have read critical essays in different seminars organized by Mumbai University and literary organizations.
  • Published work:
    • Mukhtatasr Qawayad-e-Urdu (On Urdu Grammar) -2003, second edition 2005.
    • Nakhalistan Ki Talash (Novel) -2004.
  • Work under publication
    • The birth of an eccentric (English Novel)
    • Muhabbat ki Kahaniyan (Urdu Short-Story Collection)

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